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Ok since this is *my* first post I’ll let you know how I got myself into this mess. 2011 is my first year actually training for and doing triathlons. The three years previous to this I have only been running and biking inconsistently, as well as following Andy around and spectating the tri’s that he did. (On a side note I am the best spectator/supporter/helper around) Anyway, after three years of being on the outside of the fences, I wanted in.

So at the end of 2010 I signed up for my first tri. Subsequently, I murdered my ankle playing softball and was unable to train, pretty much at all. Maybe a 2 mile run here or there, and at best a 15 mile ride on my bike, maybe two. I did swim a little bit, but not being able to really train pretty much took me out of training totally. When it came time for my first tri I was fat, dumb, and not even kind of ready. So, I did it anyway. Yeah, bad idea. It was slow, painful and miserable the entire way. By the end I was getting motored by geriatrics, and a dude wearing a camelbak. Not good.  I say all this, just to point out why I don’t count that race at all, and why I consider 2011 to be my first year racing. So let’s forget it ever came up. Ok? Ok.

I thought I was being ambitious for my first year signing up for like 5 triathlons including one that was really early in the season, two in one weekend (the Black Fly Tri weekend is the best ever! I highly recommend it even if you aren’t going to do all the events) as well as an Olympic distance race. I tempered this craziness by signing up for a Tri-101 class. I figured that between all of the races I signed up for and this class it would kick me in the butt and I would be able to stay more or less consistent in my training and do fairly well. I didn’t anticipate meeting Katherine.

Who would have thought that “Hey, wanna come over, drink beers and watch the Bruins game?” would turn into “Hey, I’m going to sign up for Timberman ! You should too! We can train together!”  Apparently the woman has a way with words, because a very short 10 weeks before Timberman 70.3 I found myself online shelling out to abuse myself.

For me fear is an excellent motivator.  I figured that having signed up to, swim farther than I have ever swam, bike farther than I have biked in more than a year, and run farther than ever, I also had a training partner and all these things combined would be the motivation I needed to stay consistent with my training.

It worked. A little before Timberman, I was training consistently, having a good summer, things were going well, then Mrs. Katherine asked a simple question. “Do you think you want to do a full? Oh and did you see they are starting a new Ironman in New York.” The seed was planted. A few weeks later, with only Andy having actually completed a 70.3 we were all signing up for Ironman New York.

If I think about it too much, I want to vomit.