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Ok. I am being over dramatic. Do you remember when I talked about that ankle injury last year that caused me to be under/non-trained for my very first tri. You know the tri that we agreed to ignore totally. Well, that injury has reared its ugly head again. I am not sure why, or how it happened, but in the beginning of my last two runs my ankle has been in excruciating pain. I basically limp for the first 1/2 a mile and slowly it gets bearable until it only hurts on uneven ground. Blah.

It is early enough in training (before the start of full on, hard-core, training) so it is not terrible. However, it is rather worrisome. I don’t want it to crop up again during major a major training cycle. I am thinking about shutting down my run for a week or two and seeing how it goes. That is probably the best idea. It’ll just give me the ability to have extra quality time with my bike. But, it will also probably kill any plans for another 1/2 marathon this fall or a speedy 10K. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to be an animal on my bike. 🙂