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So, I have shutdown the run for at least a week to let my ankle rest up and (hopefully) recover. This weekend I will probably try out a run to see how it hold up. Not running has freed up some of my time. What is better to replace time running than time biking!

With that in mind I took advantage of the amazing weekend weather (Why do they call it indian summer? ) and busted out a nice 40 mile ride on my “hilly” rout. It hurt. I haven’t biked a ton since Lobsterman and definitely haven’t gone that far. It was good pain!

Since then, fall has made a comeback. So it was a trainer ride today. I purchased a few training videos from TheSufferFest.com and the name totally applies. Brutal. I even video’d parts of me doing it to see if I could make some sort of vaguely interesting movie with it. If I can figure out how to cut it and make it not boring there is a good chance you will see it up here. 🙂

I am looking forward to a few more extra suffering sessions before I bring my running back into the fold. The videos definitely make the time pass quickly, because you are only ever thinking about the next minute or 15 second attack that is going on right at that moment.