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My motivation has become very sporadic lately. Some days I am very antsy and just want to work out. I get head to the gym, swim a few laps, then later in the day I jump on my bike and ride. Other days, I want to do anything but work out. I keep putting off whatever workout I have scheduled for the day, until I decided it is too late and I don’t have time. So, I grab a beer. Lately it has been about 50/50. One day I will murder myself. The next, not so much. I need to figure out a way to get this shit ironed out.

This method of training doesn’t bode well for “The Bet”. I’m going to show up when it is time to train for real and Coach will probably cry a little bit.

Speaking of “The Bet”, tonight we are having a Kona 2009 (Don’t ask me why, ask Katherine) viewing fest, complete with training staples. Pizza and Beer! All of our coaches are planning on being there, so we were guessing that tonight we may get our handicaps solidified. To that extent, I put together doctored our recent results and printed them out so that our coaches could make an educated guess as to what should be our handicaps for the big day. The only problem is, I don’t have a color printer. So I could not make the spreadsheet as fancy and color coded as I wanted to. I did my best with shades of gray and boldness.

Hopefully the next post will have full handicapping information. I’m even thinking about setting up some sort of betting pool so I can make some money on the side… 😉