It is a little known fact that the playlist is an integral part in any training regimen.  It allows an athlete to start a workout they really weren’t up for, or to really crank out a hard effort to build fitness.

Playlists are very personal and there is no one “best” playlist for everyone.  There are of course some can’t miss songs out there that belong on everyones playlist (Welcome to The Jungle – GnR), and some that should be on no ones playlist (Come Sail Away – Styx).  But except for those special cases, playlists can have almost any artist or type of music, The Beatles to Zeplin, Aerosmith to Jay-Z.  So feel free to search around for songs that get you going.

To help you with building your own playlist I will share with you some samples from our playlists to help get you going and inspire you and to get you cranked for your next workout.

Andy’s Playlist – Title: Crank It

Eric’s Playlist – Aptly Titled: Loser

Katherine’s Playlist – Title: Ode to Andy

I hope that these samples have helped you come up with your own playlist to really ramp up your training.