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Monthly workout summary: January 2012

Swim: 4:48 hours, 7525 yards (didn’t track distance on a few workouts)
Bike: 13:55 hours, 140.79 (trainer) miles
Run: 7:37 hours, 48.7 Miles

Overall, I am pretty happy with my consistency, two runs ended up being cut short (stupid snow) and I skipped one core workout (wonderful beer). But, other than that I have stuck to the plan and done what Coach Denise has planned. 🙂

I am getting excited for the upcoming season! Well not the IM yet, that still scares the crap out of me, but the rest is going to rock! This is the best shape I have been in this early in the season.  Well, since this is my second season doing tri’s I guess that is not really that big a deal, but you know what i mean. But, this is just about mid-season form from last year and I still have 3 months until my first tri!

Speaking of which, my race schedule is coming together, here are the main details:

5/5/2012 – Polarbear Tri, Brunswick, ME
6/3/2012 – Mooseman, Bristol, NH
7/7/2012 – Black Fly Tri, Waterville Valley, NH
8/11/2012 – Ironman US Championships NY, NY

Now onto month 2! 🙂

PS Andy stinks.