Even though IMNYC is only 176 days away, I’m still relatively calm.  At least I thought I was, until last night.  Apparently my subconscious has been thinking and isn’t as calm as the rest of me.

What is it anxious about?  The swim in the Hudson river? Maybe sharks, or dirty water?  The bike and its brutal hills and long distance.  Is it hilly enough to justify using the road bike or is the aero-position on the tri bike the way to go?  Or maybe the run, another brutally hilly leg covering a distance that will be the most I have ever run at one time, never mind after biking 112 miles?

No, none of those things.

My subconscious is worried about pooping.  Yes, I’m preparing to travel 140.3 miles under my own power and my brain is worried about dropping a duce…

My dream last night consisted of me getting ready for the start of the IronMan and trying to find a bathroom so I could “pre-game” and get to the start on time.  Of course all the bathrooms I could find were either full or inoperable for any number of reasons, and everyone was heading to the start as time was winding down. Very stressful.

I’m glad my mind believes I have everything else under control, I guess now I just need to practice pre-gaming early in the morning so I know I’ll have plenty of time and my mind can relax, and I can get some sleep.