Monthly Workout Summary: February 2012

Swim: 4:07:36, 7600 yards
Bike: 14:05, 139.02 (trainer) Miles
Run: 10:25:28, 68.97 Miles
Core: 2:45
  Mid-Winter Classic 10-miler: 1:28:35
  Polarbear 5K: 24:13 (in a snow storm)

I am beginning to feel in decent shape. Amazing what 2 months of consistent training will do. Coach Denise sets up the workouts and I knock them down. I did miss my first day of workouts, due to a sick pooch, but it was well-timed and happened during a recovery week so Coach didn’t have me try to make up for it. Overall I am very happy with my consistency and how things are going.

I did add one race to my schedule Reach The Beach, a 24 hour relay. So me, Andy and 10 of our closest friends people we have never met before and only know on the internet, get to jam ourselves into two vans and run for 30ish hours together with little or no sleep. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? 🙂

Month 3 awaits!