When you are in the midst of IronMan training (and I’d imagine Marathon or Ultra training as well) you tend to get always be looking at where you are, and where you need to be.

I need to bike 112 miles and then run a marathon, until today the most I had biked in one session in the last  years was 66 miles a couple weeks ago.  With only 75 days left until the race this is becoming more and more of a concern for me.  I trust my coach and I know I’ll be ready but it is hard not to look at those two huge numbers and not worry.

But then I found this in my workout details for today:

Wait what?

Let me zoom in to the important part:

Two hours?

So basically, I have a 2 hour warm up on this particular 5:45 brick. Two. Hour. Warm up.  This is what snapped me out of the forward looking thinking.  Most people have trouble working out for 2 hours in a week.  And I’m about to ride 90 miles, then tomorrow run 11 more.  Ask me if I would ever do that, even last year, and the answer would be, “Hell no.”  But here I am riding and running more then seems reasonable.

So it’s good once in a while to keep yourself in check, stop looking where you need to be and look at where you are currently and what a total bad-ass you really are.


Unrelated pic of Carrie spotting an alien at RTB last weekend.