Eric – The Up and Comer

Eric is the up and comer, a challenger to the throne as it were.  This will be his second full season of triathlon and as such he will continue to improve.  But will it be enough against his dominant, faster and better looking twin brother?  Only time will tell if he can pull off the race of his life.

Eric runningYou should see my bike!

“You’re going down boy!  5 min out of a 7 hour 70.3 is nothing.  Nothing!” – Katherine

“He tried to hang with me in the swim once.  I rubbed him out on another swimmer…  Hey, rubbin’s racing…”  -Andy

Eric with his bikeIt’s so light, I have to hold it on the ground.

Eric’s weapon of choice is the Trek Speed Concept 7.0.  it’s got carbon this and carbon that…  Ooh we’re all very impressed…  Some people don’t need carbon to go fast…  Like your brother.

Eric’s performance enhancing beverage of choice is of course the Appletini, he never leaves his posh downtown apartment without one.

Eric is going to have to get some all around speed to have a shot on the big stage, considering his 70.3 time sits a solid 40 minutes behind Andy’s.


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