Katherine – The Dark Horse

Katherine is the dark horse, no one thinks she can win…  She has a pink bike for crying out loud.  Pink!  This will be her third full year of triathlons and she’ll be looking to sneak up the ladder by swimming and running her way past Eric, and hopefully finishing before Andy goes to bed.

Katherine RunningRunning Tough

Katherine is a motor in the water, and desiel on the run that never says quit.  Her downfall is her transitions where she has been known to do her hair and reapply her makeup…  I think this all fits in with the pink bike somehow…

“Wait, she out swam me AND out ran me at the 70.3!?  Shit…”  -Eric

“This won’t be a problem, I think I can handle someone with a pink bike.” -Andy

Katherine BikingSee, it’s pink!

Katherine’s weapon of choice is some sort of QuintanaRoo, but it’s pink, so it’s kind of hard to take seriously.  She really needs a black and red bike, they are WAY faster.

Her performance enhancing beverage of choice is unknown at this time, but I’m betting it is some kind of hard liquor, like maybe whiskey.

Along with Eric, Katherine has a lot of ground to make up on Andy, and will need to train hard and dig deep on race day to have a shot.




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