And So It Begins


The off season is now over, to much beer, and lazy mornings are now to be replaced with eating less, and training more.

There’s a long way to go, but at least there is no more waiting.


DOMS – AKA Oh God The Pain!


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So, with my ankle being grumpy and me taking a week or two off from running, I decided I needed to do something else with the extra time I had. My first thought was swimming more. But, swimming is the unsexiest of the legs I need to train for, plus I really didn’t want to swim more. Swimming is a necessary evil of training. Open water swimming is decent, but swimming in the pool is only slightly better than running on a treadmill, aka. boredom incarnate.

With no running and swimming getting a glorious meh, biking it was. However I have been biking a decent amount anyway and adding extra workouts seemed like it would be excessive. I also came to the realization that I need more power in my legs. I can spin like it’s going out of style, but when it comes time to drop the hammer or power over a hill, I mostly still spin, and downshift.

To fix this I had the amazingly shocking idea of hitting the gym for some strength training. I know, I surprised I thought of that too!

A little background on me. I’m kinda build like a tyrannosaurus rex, my legs are solid and strong, my arms and upper body not so much.

Yup, that’s me.

First day at the gym I had plenty of time to kill. I took a little workout plan I found on the internet (What doesn’t the internet know? I mean really!)  and busted it out. I tried to hammer my legs and go pretty easy on my upper body.

It worked like a charm. At least for the day. It was the first time I had lifted in, well, more years than I care to think about. And luckily for me there was no one around to watch me bench-press slightly less than a 13-year-old girl could. Win. The rest of the day I felt great, a little wobbly but great.

The next day. Yeah, I think we all know where this is going. The scientific name is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), I call it crying when trying to wash your hair. It’s awesome. A small child could have incapacitated me and stolen everything I own just by poking me in the chest and watching me curl into the fetal position and cry.

I am *mostly* getting over it now. I need to head to the gym again to work all of the soreness out, but I am a little scared. On the positive side, my legs were fine even though I tried to murder them. So, I am hoping that means they are pretty bad ass and this is going to work and make me bike like a machine.

Up next, more suffering with TheSufferFest videos and I am going to try running again hopefully before this weekend and see how the ankle does.

Now I am off to try to put things away on the top shelf. Wish me luck.

Motivation Fluxuation


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My motivation has become very sporadic lately. Some days I am very antsy and just want to work out. I get head to the gym, swim a few laps, then later in the day I jump on my bike and ride. Other days, I want to do anything but work out. I keep putting off whatever workout I have scheduled for the day, until I decided it is too late and I don’t have time. So, I grab a beer. Lately it has been about 50/50. One day I will murder myself. The next, not so much. I need to figure out a way to get this shit ironed out.

This method of training doesn’t bode well for “The Bet”. I’m going to show up when it is time to train for real and Coach will probably cry a little bit.

Speaking of “The Bet”, tonight we are having a Kona 2009 (Don’t ask me why, ask Katherine) viewing fest, complete with training staples. Pizza and Beer! All of our coaches are planning on being there, so we were guessing that tonight we may get our handicaps solidified. To that extent, I put together doctored our recent results and printed them out so that our coaches could make an educated guess as to what should be our handicaps for the big day. The only problem is, I don’t have a color printer. So I could not make the spreadsheet as fancy and color coded as I wanted to. I did my best with shades of gray and boldness.

Hopefully the next post will have full handicapping information. I’m even thinking about setting up some sort of betting pool so I can make some money on the side… 😉

Getting back on the horse…


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So, I have shutdown the run for at least a week to let my ankle rest up and (hopefully) recover. This weekend I will probably try out a run to see how it hold up. Not running has freed up some of my time. What is better to replace time running than time biking!

With that in mind I took advantage of the amazing weekend weather (Why do they call it indian summer? ) and busted out a nice 40 mile ride on my “hilly” rout. It hurt. I haven’t biked a ton since Lobsterman and definitely haven’t gone that far. It was good pain!

Since then, fall has made a comeback. So it was a trainer ride today. I purchased a few training videos from and the name totally applies. Brutal. I even video’d parts of me doing it to see if I could make some sort of vaguely interesting movie with it. If I can figure out how to cut it and make it not boring there is a good chance you will see it up here. 🙂

I am looking forward to a few more extra suffering sessions before I bring my running back into the fold. The videos definitely make the time pass quickly, because you are only ever thinking about the next minute or 15 second attack that is going on right at that moment.

Disaster Strikes…


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Ok. I am being over dramatic. Do you remember when I talked about that ankle injury last year that caused me to be under/non-trained for my very first tri. You know the tri that we agreed to ignore totally. Well, that injury has reared its ugly head again. I am not sure why, or how it happened, but in the beginning of my last two runs my ankle has been in excruciating pain. I basically limp for the first 1/2 a mile and slowly it gets bearable until it only hurts on uneven ground. Blah.

It is early enough in training (before the start of full on, hard-core, training) so it is not terrible. However, it is rather worrisome. I don’t want it to crop up again during major a major training cycle. I am thinking about shutting down my run for a week or two and seeing how it goes. That is probably the best idea. It’ll just give me the ability to have extra quality time with my bike. But, it will also probably kill any plans for another 1/2 marathon this fall or a speedy 10K. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to be an animal on my bike. 🙂

Oh God what have I done.


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Ok since this is *my* first post I’ll let you know how I got myself into this mess. 2011 is my first year actually training for and doing triathlons. The three years previous to this I have only been running and biking inconsistently, as well as following Andy around and spectating the tri’s that he did. (On a side note I am the best spectator/supporter/helper around) Anyway, after three years of being on the outside of the fences, I wanted in.

So at the end of 2010 I signed up for my first tri. Subsequently, I murdered my ankle playing softball and was unable to train, pretty much at all. Maybe a 2 mile run here or there, and at best a 15 mile ride on my bike, maybe two. I did swim a little bit, but not being able to really train pretty much took me out of training totally. When it came time for my first tri I was fat, dumb, and not even kind of ready. So, I did it anyway. Yeah, bad idea. It was slow, painful and miserable the entire way. By the end I was getting motored by geriatrics, and a dude wearing a camelbak. Not good.  I say all this, just to point out why I don’t count that race at all, and why I consider 2011 to be my first year racing. So let’s forget it ever came up. Ok? Ok.

I thought I was being ambitious for my first year signing up for like 5 triathlons including one that was really early in the season, two in one weekend (the Black Fly Tri weekend is the best ever! I highly recommend it even if you aren’t going to do all the events) as well as an Olympic distance race. I tempered this craziness by signing up for a Tri-101 class. I figured that between all of the races I signed up for and this class it would kick me in the butt and I would be able to stay more or less consistent in my training and do fairly well. I didn’t anticipate meeting Katherine.

Who would have thought that “Hey, wanna come over, drink beers and watch the Bruins game?” would turn into “Hey, I’m going to sign up for Timberman ! You should too! We can train together!”  Apparently the woman has a way with words, because a very short 10 weeks before Timberman 70.3 I found myself online shelling out to abuse myself.

For me fear is an excellent motivator.  I figured that having signed up to, swim farther than I have ever swam, bike farther than I have biked in more than a year, and run farther than ever, I also had a training partner and all these things combined would be the motivation I needed to stay consistent with my training.

It worked. A little before Timberman, I was training consistently, having a good summer, things were going well, then Mrs. Katherine asked a simple question. “Do you think you want to do a full? Oh and did you see they are starting a new Ironman in New York.” The seed was planted. A few weeks later, with only Andy having actually completed a 70.3 we were all signing up for Ironman New York.

If I think about it too much, I want to vomit.

Maine 1/2 Marathon – Noobtastic

This was definitely a learning race and not as blazing fast as it was intended to be.  The plan was to run with my girlfriend Lauren who had been training for this race in an attempt to break the 2 hour barrier and beat Eric’s 1/2 time.  (She always beast Eric, usually by 30 seconds, no matter the distance)

We woke up late, had issues with our race day breakfast at DD, technical difficulties had made them late with the bagels and with the unexpected traffic we were even later for the start.  After parking, downing a gel and walk/running to the wet start, we realized we were the only ones without rain jackets, umbrellas, or garbage bag ponchos in the nice 50 degree rain.  Oops.

A short time later the cannon goes off announcing the start and we don’t move.  Then we are running!  Then we are stopped again.  Finally we cross the starting mat and are jogging in a thick crowd of people.  We let our inner noob out again, and get too ansy and start darting through the throngs to try and keep our sub 9 min goal pace…  So we are jogging then sprinting and weaving, then jogging again looking for openings for the first 2+ miles before things settle down and we get into our groove.

I had heard that this is a flat course…  Of course I never bothered to actually check, so I was a bit supprised when around mile 5-ish we hit a series of hills, which we were unprepared for.  We trudged up and down those, before hitting the turn around and letting the Marathoners continue on their way.  So we redid the hills before getting back on the flats and checked our progress, we were a few minutes behind our 2 hour pace and our legs were smoked from the hills.

We picked up the pace in a valiant effort to make time, but it was not to be.  Then with 2 miles left Lauren put on a surge to see if she could pull it out.  I had no answer, my unique strategy of tapering the last two weeks by not running at all and drinking lots of beer failed me for some as yet undetermined reason, as she slowly pulled away.

She crossed with an unofficial 2:00:57, and I crossed with a 2:01:59.

5 Weeks until the Manchester City 1/2 Marathon; I’m going to try and actually train for this one, and with any luck, come in under the elusive 2 hour mark.

To the victor go the spoils….

OK, well I’ll throw something up here to start things off while the other two slackers get situated…

As of yet we have not all gotten together to look over the horses, so we haven’t been handicapped just yet.  Hopefully that will happen soon, but we have time, as long as it happens before training really starts I think we are all good.

So we are supposed to add some video blogs up here occasionally, we’ll see how that pans out…  This should be fun…  🙂