Andy – The Veteran

Andy, is the alpha of the group.  Undefeated at any distance against the other two.

Andy Biking

Andy swims like a scalded mako shark, bikes like Jens Voigt, and runs like Usain Bolt.

“I thought I had him in the swim, but when I got to T1 his bike was gone, and all I could do at that point was weep quietly because I knew there was no catching up…”  -Eric

“He’s so dreamy, not like that shady Eric character.  If only I wasn’t married..  *sigh*” -Katherine

Andy runningWhat form!

His weapon of choice is the Felt S22 an all aluminum frame (he doesn’t need any fancy carbon frame), a carbon fork and Ultegra components all around.

And of course his performance enhancing drug of choice: Beer, light, dark, imported, craft, American it’s all good…

Eric and Katherine are going to have to step up their game and possibly their cheating skills big time to have a shot at the champ.


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